The Importance of Giving Back This Holiday Season

By Roger Pelissero, 3rd generation egg farmer and Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada

It can be astounding to hear just how many Canadians across the country struggle to get access to safe, quality and nutritious food. A resounding 860,000 Canadians turn to their local food banks for help each month, and in rural communities, it is even more staggering; over 150,000 rural Canadians depend on food banks.

During the holiday season, a time when families get together, share a meal and give to one another, hunger is an even bigger struggle. The normally festive season can become a burden for many families, and there continues to be a growing need to support community food banks, especially during this time. Rural communities find it an even bigger challenge, where food is sometimes more expensive and it is harder to transport into communities.

This is why Egg Farmers of Canada has been a proud partner of Food Banks Canada for more than two decades. Social responsibility is rooted in our traditions as an agricultural sector. Most egg farms in Canada are family-owned and have been operating through several generations. Our more than 1,000 farmers and farm families are ingrained in, and devoted to their communities. Not only do egg farmers work hard to produce a high-quality food for Canadians, they are also committed to keeping our communities vibrant by giving back. Egg Farmers of Canada donate over a million nutritious eggs each year to food banks, which helps deliver a healthy option that is full of protein and vitamins for all Canadians.

This holiday season, give back to your local food bank. Someone you know—a neighbor, a coworker, a friend—could be relying on food banks just to get by. Just a simple donation can make a huge difference.