Corporate food donations help us meet the urgent need for nutrients today with both fresh and shelf-stable foods.

Every year in Canada, millions of pounds of food — much of which is safe and wholesome — go to waste from manufacturing, farmers, agri-processors, facilities, and retailers. 

Recognizing that quality surplus is a potential food source for people who are struggling to put meals on the table, Food Banks Canada partners with agricultural donors to secure large-scale donations that are then shared efficiently and equitably across the food bank network. Through our National Food Sharing System and Retail Food Program, we acquire and share about 30 million pounds of food on an annual basis.  

As an agricultural partner, you can help those in need, send a positive message to your stakeholders and employees, and join the fight to end hunger by donating your products. Food Banks Canada can assist with tracking, recall, donation letters and in some cases, tax receipts.  

Food Banks Canada’s network is trained in safe food handling procedures to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, and most organizations are able to manage fresh and perishable foods. All donations are also protected under the provincial Good Samaritan Laws, which protect those who donate and distribute food in good faith from liability risks.  

When you partner with Food Banks Canada, you can be assured that your donation will be handled responsibly. All organizations participating in our food sharing program are registered charitable organizations that adhere to a Food Banks Code of Ethics, which includes the promise that they will not sell or accept payment of any kind for donated products.  

Most Needed Items: 

  • Fresh food, including meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables 
  • Non-perishable and shelf-stable foods that are long-lasting, including rice, legumes, couscous, quinoa, pastas, flours and cooking oils  
  • Canned protein sources, including chicken, turkey and fish 


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Partner Highlights

In 2021, after exports of P.E.I. potatoes to the U.S. were suspended temporarily, Food Banks Canada worked with government officials and the P.E.I. Potato Board to keep truckloads of fresh, nutrient-dense produce from going to waste. Together, we committed to distributing dozens of truckloads of potatoes — for a total of over 4 million pounds — to fill the need at food banks across the country.