More than one third of food bank users in Canada are children.

While providing food to children in need is important, it’s not a permanent solution. Real change can only come through action in other areas. Which is why Food Banks Canada has developed various programs and policy and advocacy initiatives to tackle child hunger, head on.

Children represent 400,000 visits to food banks in Canada each month.

Year after year, one of the most alarming findings to emerge from Food Banks Canada’s annual HungerCount report is how heavily overrepresented children are at food banks across the country.

To address child hunger in Canada, while we continue to advocate for meaningful policy change to address the root causes of childhood food insecurity in Canada, Food Banks Canada in collaboration with food banks across the country provide programs focused on providing the nutritional food children need.

Programs that Address Child Hunger

Learn more about a few examples of these important programs

Kamloops Food Banks – Starfish Backpacks

The Starfish Backpack program provides food to children that have been identified at a school level as not having enough food to carry them through the weekend.


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Calgary Food Bank

The team at the Calgary Food Bank is the city’s first line of support for anyone facing a food emergency.  Unfortunately, children continue to represent a disproportionate percentage of those needing the services of food banks across Canada.


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Communities across Canada coming together
to feed children

With children representing 400,000 visits to Canadian food banks each month, there is still a long road to go in our journey toward ending child hunger. Yet with your help, we may just get there a little sooner.