There Are Many Ways to Give

More and more, food banks are confronted with the question of how the public should donate – food or funds – and while food banks are all different, we would encourage our fellow Canadians to consider donating both. Read on to learn why. 

Why Donate Food:
Food is the foundation of the work of food banks. It’s a tangible way to see the impact donors can make. Food drives provide a number of important opportunities: they help to raise awareness of the critical issue of hunger in communities; they build relationships with local community organizations and businesses and are an important source of valuable food.

Many food banks also acquire essential food through other sources like farmers, retailers and manufacturers which means they have well run operations  and resources to manage the dozens of food drives that take place during the year.

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How Funds Help:
Operating costs for food banks are a reality, that’s why funds are also an important way to give because these donations ensure trucks can get on the road to distribute food, the heat is on and doors stay open.  Many food banks also supplement baskets and hampers by purchasing those food items that are more difficult to acquire like milk and produce, and partnerships with local businesses like grocery stores can make your donation go even further.

Your Time Can Save Money:
And then, there is your time. Food banks rely on thousands of volunteer hours to ensure food is picked up, sorted, packed and distributed to your fellow neighbours in need.  Many people become lifelong volunteers of their local food bank.

The last word on the question of food or funds?  Ask your local food bank! Ultimately, they know what they need most!

However you choose to help, your generosity of food, funds or time can make life brighter for Canadians in need.