We have selected the following vendors for the procurement and distribution of product throughout Canada. With these vendors and funding available for this pilot we will be able to distribute menstrual products to every province and territory, reaching over 570,000 low income individuals every month.

“We’re thrilled to support the incredible work Food Banks Canada, in partnership with the federal government’s menstrual equity fund pilot, is doing to make period care more accessible to so many who may otherwise go without. We started joni because of industry statistics that highlighted how many people are forced to make difficult choices about a natural bodily function and we knew reaching menstrual equity in Canada was going to take collaboration between private, government and non-profits sectors – this project is a perfect example of that. As a Canadian women and immigrant-led business, we’re especially thrilled to support this important initiative that benefits communities coast-to-coast” ~ joni founders, Linda & Jayesh.

joni is Canada’s 21st-Century period care brand on a mission to make innovative and sustainable products accessible to everyone who needs them. Located in Victoria, BC and founded by Linda Biggs and Jayesh Vekariya, joni is building a new model for period care and is proud to partner with hundreds of nonprofits across the country to drive menstrual equity forward. joni’s organic products, free from harmful chemicals, plastics and fragrances, are available online to customers coast-to-coast and on store shelves in over 600 retailers across Canada. Look for joni in public washrooms, too! joni’s award-winning dispensers help organizations large and small to distribute free period care, making workplaces, schools and universities more equitable. Through joni’s 5% giveback program, joni has donated 120,000+ products to date across Canada. That’s 21st-century period care™.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Food Banks Canada, an organization that does vital work in supporting vulnerable communities across the country. Together, our team takes great pride in ensuring we have the right essential health products available and secure distribution networks established to better serve our communities when they need us most. We look forward to working with Food Banks Canada and the Government of Canada to help ensure that all Canadians have access to menstrual products.” ~ John Kappos, vice president, strategic procurement & sourcing, McKesson Canada.

McKesson Canada is in the business of better health. For over 100 years, we have been partnering with key players in the Canadian health care industry, and working every day to create a more efficient system and building healthier communities from coast-to-coast. We’re experiencing an era of unprecedented change in health care. New technology, new services and new ideas will be needed to deliver improved outcomes for businesses and patients. McKesson Canada is at the forefront of that transformation. We form essential connections that make health care smarter, creating intelligent networks that expand access, reduce waste, and bring people and information closer together. We supply the industry with the resources, support and technology it needs to create new standards and a world of better health.  Learn more about how McKesson Canada is impacting virtually every aspect of healthcare at

At Edgewell Personal Care, we know and care deeply that Period Poverty is an issue in Canada. Many Canadians who menstruate struggle to pay for feminine wellness products. This impacts their health, participation in activities such as school and work, and women’s mental wellbeing. EPC donates annually many Playtex tampons, Stayfree pads and Carefree liners to various women’s shelters and food donation centers to support our community during difficult times.

At Edgewell, we make useful things joyful. We are a company of visionaries, doers, and makers with a keen eye on efficiency and sustainability. As we continue to support Canadian women, we are proud and excited to work with Food Banks of Canada ensuring our trusted period protection gets into the hands that need them most. Shirley Chanyi, EPC Marketing, Feminine Wellness.

Always has been championing confidence for more than 35 years with puberty education programs and by providing access to period products to those in need. Additionally, Tampax has been educating and empowering students to live life without limits since 1934. Since the launch of Always’ #EndPeriodPoverty program in 2018, Always has donated nearly 24 million period products in Canada so that students don’t have to miss school due to lack of access to period products. ‘As we continue to look for ways to build confidence and provide access to period products, we are incredibly excited to partner with Food Banks Canada to reach even more Canadians in need to #EndPeriodPoverty.’ Liz Dubejsky, Director P&G Menstrual Care.

Aisle is honoured to be chosen by Food Banks Canada to supply its Canadian-made washable menstrual pads as part of the federal government’s menstrual equity fund pilot program.” – Aisle Co-Founders Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens, and CEO Lux Perry

Founded in 1993, Aisle (formerly Lunapads) was one of the first groundbreaking ventures in the world to commercialize reusable menstrual care products. To this day, our pads are proudly made in East Vancouver.

Aisle has been a founding Canadian B Corp since 2012, recognizing that our company stands among the most ethical and sustainable leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

Aisle washable pads are made with a combination of certified organic and performance fabrics to absorb the equivalent of 8 to 14 tampons. Each Aisle Pad Kit contains 3 Mini, 3 Maxi and 1 Super Pad, which will last approximately 5 years. Compared to a comparable amount of disposable pads and tampons, each kit saves:

  • 17 Kilograms of waste or 1,664 disposable pads/tampons
  • 55 KG of GhG emissions or 212kms driven in a non-electric car
  • 1,022 kwh of energy or 4,257 days of LED bulb energy

Since the beginning, our mission at Only has been to make sustainable, quality, period products more accessible to Canadians. We believe that access to menstrual products is a fundamental right, and that no one should face barriers to managing their menses. At Only, we aim to provide essential menstrual products while contributing to broader conversations surrounding menstrual health, destigmatization, and sustainable alternatives to traditional menstrual care.

This partnership with Food Banks Canada marks a significant milestone in Only‘s journey, representing years of dreaming, hard work, and unwavering commitment to providing high-performing menstrual products made from quality, environmentally friendly materials. We are honored to partner with Food Banks Canada in addressing the critical need for menstruators in Canada to experience their period with dignity.

The impact of this partnership extends beyond product distribution; it speaks to a collective resolve to address societal issues with innovation and compassion. We are eager to witness the positive transformations that will unfold from this pilot project and look forward to a future where menstrual equity is a reality for everyone across Canada.

Founded in 2009, Öko Créations is a trailblazing Canadian enterprise, led by a team of women. The company is a leader in the development of high-quality reusable menstrual products, democratizing access nationwide. As early innovators in the field, they are committed to durability and wellness, crafting their products from high-quality textile materials like hemp and organic cotton. The products are created and manufactured locally in Québec.

Öko Créations not only supports its employees with fair wages and a nurturing workplace, but also takes significant strides in promoting menstrual equity. By partnering with non-profits, they help combat menstrual poverty by distributing reusable menstrual products across Canada, enhancing community well-being. Their chemical-free, fragrance-free organic products are available in over 700 retail locations nationwide. Moreover, the company actively engages in the conversation about menstrual health and stigma and has created an educational guide for teens that is incorporated into school curriculums by nurses.

“We are truly honoured and excited to join hands with Food Banks Canada on this wonderful initiative for menstrual equity. Our team feels privileged and inspired to make a meaningful impact, both socially and environmentally. We’re eager and ready for what’s to come!” — Karine Létourneau & Marie-Noël Beetz, Owners

At marlow, we aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what we’ve been socialized to “put up” with. Marlow exists to transform the way we experience menstrual health, from the conversations we start, to the information we receive, to the products we use. We created marlow to give millions of menstruators better options, starting with the first-ever lubricated tampon. Marlow’s products are designed with people and planet in mind — elevating the status quo of sustainability in the industry, while creating products that are easy and comfortable to use, with only clean ingredients. Find marlow in store or online at Marlow is also committed to increasing access to menstrual health education through their online platforms via blogs, videos, podcasts, and more, as well as local community partnerships.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Food Banks Canada to support the amazing work being done for menstrual equity. We started marlow because we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable period, including comfortable and accessible products and conversations. As a female-founded, Canadian, and immigrant-led business, we’re thrilled about the potential of this menstrual equity pilot to create positive change in the lives of Canadian menstruators. Here’s to making everyone’s menstrual cycle more comfortable, one period at a time.” — marlow founders, Nadia Ladak, Harit Sohal, and Kiara Botha

Knix is a direct-to-consumer category defining intimates and apparel brand. Through innovative products and a community-first approach, Knix is on a mission to empower people at every stage and every stage, everywhere to live unapologetically free. Every product, campaign and image that Knix puts into the world is tied to this mission that has been embedded in the company’s DNA since day one. Founded in 2013, by Joanna Griffiths, Knix is the leading leakproof brand in North America and is globally recognized as an innovator and disrupter within the intimate and apparel space.

“We are excited to participate in the Menstrual Equity Fund, supporting their mission to inform Canadians about period poverty and reduce stigma around menstruation. Having helped pioneer the period underwear category over a decade ago, period underwear are an important component for long-term period equity, acting as a reusable option for menstruators and providing an alternative to every-day period care. Our team is thrilled to see the impact that this will have on increasing and fostering awareness, deconstructing taboos and helping youth to feel confident and empowered.”