We have partnered with amazing organizations across Canada who have been working to advance menstrual equity to scale up their existing education and awareness activities to inform Canadians about period poverty and reduce stigma around menstruation.

The Period Purse creates menstrual equity by ensuring sustainable access to period products for all, and by ending the stigma associated with periods through education and advocacy. As we work with Food Banks Canada in the Menstrual Equity Pilot, we will expand our education and awareness programs on period poverty across Canada. Our team is excited to spread virtual and in person education through our Menstruation Nation program to Canadians of all ages and genders to reduce the stigma of periods and increase the awareness of period poverty – we can’t wait to see the impact this makes!

Moon Time Connections, a Flagship project of True North Aid, is a national Indigenous-led period equity organization in Canada. Since being founded in 2017, Moon Time Connections has supplied over 2 million period products, free of charge, to over 120 northern Communities across Turtle Island and helped to educate countless Community members about the basics of period products.

Moon Time Connections and True North Aid are beyond excited to be working with Food Banks Canada to expand the reach and scope of our existing efforts uniquely focused on supporting menstrual equity and education among Indigenous populations from coast to coast to coast. Access to this funding presents an invaluable opportunity to ensure the inclusion of Indigenous populations in the movement towards period equity in this country.

“We are excited to participate in the Menstrual Equity Fund Pilot program, and scale our existing educational program, ME101, to reach youth service providers nationally. ME101 consists of a 90-minute workshop and access to our innovative digital course for youth service providers. The Menstrual Equity Fund will allow us to foster awareness about period poverty and provide youth service providers in Canada with the knowledge and resources needed to empower youth to manage their menstruation.”

Help A Girl Out (HAGO) is an anti-poverty organization, federally incorporated under the Canada Not-For-Profit Act, committed to advancing menstrual equity and addressing period poverty in Canada and developing countries. Yanique Brantford, the founder of HAGO, experienced period poverty while growing up in the Caribbean and as a low-income student in Canada. Her own experiences fuel her passion for eradicating period poverty and stigma. HAGO’s commitment to the menstrual equity effort is focused on two main areas of impact that include providing tangible support in the form of menstrual products of all kinds, as well as creating awareness and educational opportunities that reconstruct societal perception of menstruation, build confidence, and open the door to long-term and intergenerational change. Through partnerships, HAGO distributes menstrual products and hosts educational workshops in Ontario and various communities nationwide. Our network of organizations and community members assist us with getting products and resources to individuals in need. Our collaborative actions allow us to educate and serve diverse populations so that our efforts can be welcomed and accepted respectfully, considering religious, cultural, and ethnic awareness.”

Monthly Dignity’s mission is to tackle the causes and consequences of period poverty and work towards menstrual equity in Québec. We envision a world where menstruation is no longer a barrier to social, educational and professional fulfillment and we work collaboratively within our community to achieve this by distributing menstrual products, improving access to menstrual education, and advocating for menstrual equity at all levels of government.

“Menstrual stigma strongly underpins menstrual inequity – it stagnates conversations about menstruation and thereby stalls social progress in terms of policy, healthcare, social norms, and many other things. Education is our main tool for deconstructing menstrual shame and stigma, so being able to expand our education and awareness work through this Pilot Program offers an exceptional opportunity to instigate important conversations that will lead to systemic change. We are also grateful to be able to extend this much-needed work in both official languages and to be able to meet the unique needs in the Québec context.”

Project AIM supplies no cost barrier free access to menstrual and incontinence products. We deliver menstrual education with an aim to reduce shame and stigma. Alongside our day to day work providing access and education we also work with policy makers to create long term sustainable solutions for menstrual and incontinence equity at all levels. Our goal is that everyone has access to no cost menstrual and incontinence products and menstrual education is provided in a variety of accessible avenues.

“We are so excited to be the recipients of this funding so we can expand our education program and reach so many more people.” – Miel Bernstein, Director of Project AIM