Food drives are a classic way to support your local food bank. Some people like the physical act of donating food and adding to the collective offering of the group as a team activity. For those organizing a food drive, these are a few things to consider:

  • You will need bins to collect and transfer the food. 
  • Food must be shelf-stable and not past the best-before or expiry date. 
  • Most food banks are unable to pick up food drive donations, so consider how you will transport your donations to the food bank. 
  • Consider providing a list of suggested donations that are valuable to your local food bank. 
  • Contact your food bank early in your planning to find out what support they can provide. 

What Is Needed Most? 

  • Pasta and pasta sauces 
  • Canned and frozen meats and fish 
  • Meat alternatives (peanut butter, soy, packaged nuts) 
  • Canned goods (beans, soups, stews) 
  • Dairy (fresh, canned and powdered milk) 
  • Canned vegetables and fruit 
  • Rice and whole grain cereals 
  • Baby food 
  • Bathroom tissue 
  • Personal hygiene products