5 Tips on Making the Most of Your Charitable Partnership

Searching for ways to inspire your team in 2019?  Want a way to build morale and pride through active relationships with a charity?  

Here are 5 quick tips to get the most out of your charitable partnership. They may just help make an impact both in engaging your employees and your charity partner!

1. Commit!

Set your corporate sustainability or philanthropy goals and make an initial corporate financial contribution. This will signal to employees that this is a cause that is important to your company.

Through its Nourishing Mind’s platform, Hershey has been the supporting Food Banks Canada’s “Food Explorers” program – a nutrition and cooking program for children. This corporate contribution provides the foundation for the employee engagement program. 

Hershey also provides resources and time for a team of dedicated employees to run events and fundraisers throughout the year.  Their team also runs food drives to support the local food bank and hosts BBQs and chocolate sales to support Food Banks Canada’s After the Bell healthy food pack program.  Since partnering with Food Banks Canada in 2016, the Hershey team has rallied to provide more that 13,000 healthy food packs to children.

2. Find a cultural fit!

When The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of Canada (IATSE), got involved at the beginning  of Every Plate Full, they were looking for a way to engage their local union chapters across Canada in a meaningful cause. Food Banks Canada’s national fundraising campaign offered them just that.  By engaging as a national participant they were able to rally their membership to achieve the greatest impact with local food banking partners.  It was a perfect fit!

3. A Little Friendly Competition Never Hurts

Food Banks Canada’s After the Bell program allows corporate volunteers to come together to help pack healthy food packs for children in the summertime.

The event brings together national corporate teams, creating a friendly competition environment to undertake team building activities in a way that drives a huge impact, while having fun.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate…

15 years ago, a Farm Credit Canada (FCC) employee hopped on his tractor, used his vacation time- and with help from local farmers – donated a bunch of fresh food to his local food bank. That one, selfless and thoughtful act grew and became known as FCC Drive Away Hunger. With Farm Credit Canada’s leadership and support, FCC employees from coast to coast come together through the months of September and October to raise food and funds for their local food banks. Together, they have raised over 40 million meals since 2004. It is one of the most successful food drives in the country, and stands as an inspirational example of what one person can create.

5. Take the long view

Employee engagement with a charitable cause should be seen as a long-term relationship, not a one-off activation.  It should be a part of your brand and bring your values to life.

In 2017, Bayer launched a new corporate social responsibility program, around its three core priorities: health, innovation and nutrition.

In seeking a partner to meet their corporate objectives, Bayer evaluated a series of potential charitable partners – but gave the final decision to their employees.

The Corporate Social Engagement strategy reflects Bayer’s broader commitment to sustainability – making a positive difference for the future.

“We had always referred to our social programs as corporate responsibility, and we wanted to go from that reactionary mode towards a more proactive, meaningful approach to social engagement,” says Derrick Rozdeba, V.P. Communications & Public Government Affairs, Bayer Inc. “We sought out non-profit organizations that shared our core values. Engagement is more than just financial; it’s also about volunteerism and sharing our expertise.”

Bayer employees are now actively engaged in their partnership with Food Banks Canada; volunteering with After the Bell and at local food banks; hosting Lunch and Learns with food bank staff; visiting community gardens and sharing their expertise through meaningful and just in time knowledge exchanges.

Are you looking for an opportunity to boost morale and engagement this spring? Food Banks Canada has a couple of springtime opportunities to bring your team out, give back and feel great!

Food Banks Canada’s After the Bell packing event is on May 15th in Mississauga.  Contact erin@foodbankscanada.ca  or go to afterthebell.foodbankscanadca.ca to find out how you can get involved.

Choose your local food bank and fundraise for them during Every Plate Full this May!  Contact cortney@foodbankscanada.ca to find out more.

For more tips on how to grow your charitable partnerships follow Food Banks Canada on LinkedIN or go to www.foodbankscanada.ca