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This past Spring, Walmart Canada, our suppliers, and most importantly, YOU, helped us raise over 15 million meals for Canadians in need in our Fight Hunger. Spark Change campaign. We know that Hunger is an issue that Canadians care about and there is so much more to do. Food banks help people every single day - children have healthier breakfasts, seniors struggling with isolation and food insecurity; working families trying to make ends meet; food banks offer a lifeline to hope for a better day. As we head into the fall season, families need that extra support to help them get through the winter. Please donate generously so that all Canadians can have a more fulfilling thanksgiving and holiday season. Help the cause. Fight Hunger. Spark Change.



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Hunger Facts

26% of those relying on food banks receive their m


of those relying on food banks receive their main source of income from either provincial disability support or pensions.

8 people with 1 highlighted

1 in 8 people

assisted by food banks are employed



of those relying on food banks nationally are children, when they only represent 19% of the population

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