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Food Banks Canada welcomes British Columbia’s Farmers’ Food Donation Tax Credit

Toronto, February 18, 2016 – On Tuesday, the BC Government’s annual budget announced the creation of the Farmers’ Food Donation Tax Credit that will recognize donations from BC farmers who give much needed agricultural products to local food banks.
The legislation creates a non-refundable tax credit worth 25% of the fair market value of agricultural product donated by farmers to community food programs, including food banks.
Food Banks Canada has encouraged federal and provincial governments to enact such a policy and is pleased to see the BC government follow Ontario and Quebec as the third province to implement the initiative. The new tax credit will help generous farmers in BC while increasing the amount of fresh, nutritious food available to the over 100,000 British Columbians who are helped by food banks each month.
“We are gratified to see that the BC government has fulfilled this important campaign promise,” said Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director of Food Banks Canada.
“This tax credit will help BC farmers who already donate generously to their local food banks, and will increase the amount of fresh, nutritious and healthy food available to those who need help to make ends meet.”
“We also congratulate Food Banks BC for their laudable work on the tax credit. We will continue to work with provincial food bank associations and provincial governments to encourage others across the country to enact this important piece of legislation that is a win-win situation for farmers and for people in need,” added Schmidt.
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Food Banks Canada supports a unique network of food-related organizations in every province and territory, which assists more than 850,000 Canadians each month. Together our network shares over 200 million pounds of essential, safe, quality food annually, provides social programs that help to foster self-sufficiency, and advocates for policy change that will help create a Canada where no one goes hungry. Visit foodbankscanada.ca for more information.
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Media contact: Marzena Gersho, Food Banks Canada, 647-242-5919 (mobile) or (905) 602-5234, ext. 228 (office), marzena@foodbankscanada.ca .

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