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Individual Giving

Let’s make a delicious stone soup together and feed Canada’s hungry! Read this inspiring story about sharing.

We cherish every donation, large or small. View our Donor Impact Infographics below to see how your gift makes a difference.

We treat the food and funds given to us with the utmost care and make sure those dollars are used wisely to help Canadians in need. Learn what we accomplished over the past year in our Annual Report.

Ready to help us feed Canada’s hungry? There are many ways to donate.

As a monthly donor, you are one of the most important members of the Food Banks Canada community. And, since breakfast is considered by many to be the most important meal of the day, we’ve named our monthly donor program the Breakfast Club.


When you join our Breakfast Club, we’ll send you information about how your ongoing support is making a difference. Starting the month after you enrol, you’ll get an insider look at how your gift is working hard every day to support our network of food banks in helping Canadians in need. We hope you look forward to these updates exclusively for our Breakfast Club members.

To join the Breakfast Club please complete this secure online form, or contact us at 905-602-5234 ext. 233 or by email at [email protected].

Thank you for choosing Food Banks Canada as a beneficiary of your fundraiser!

This toolkit provides guidelines and tips for hosting a successful fundraising event.

Once you are ready be sure to submit your idea here. A Food Banks Canada team member will contact you within three business days to discuss your idea, explain next steps, and answer your questions.

Please know that some fundraisers may require you to sign our Third Party Event Policy and Guidelines before you begin.

Questions? Contact us at 905-602-5234 ext. 233, or by email at [email protected].

Your legacy can take many forms. Making a gift to Food Banks Canada by including a bequest in your Will is a simple and thoughtful way to reflect your commitment to reducing hunger in Canada.

Over 1.5 million Canadians have already chosen to support causes close to their heart by leaving a gift in their will.

Each and every one of them has their own individual reasons – but some of the most common are:

  • To 'pay back' for support and services received.
  • To prevent others from experiencing food insecurity.
  • To leave the world a better place.
  • To extend their generosity beyond immediate family and friends.
  • To fulfill a spiritual or religious obligation to be helpful to others to the greatest possible degree.

Whether you choose to leave a percentage of your estate, a specific dollar amount, or your entire estate, rest assured that your bequest will be received with gratitude and handled with the utmost care to ensure that it makes a positive difference in the lives of Canadians in need.

Leaving a bequest in your Will is simple, and there is no additional cost beyond the cost to prepare your Will.

To learn more about making a bequest to Food Banks Canada in your Will, including sample wording, read our guide, Bequest Information Sheet.

Or contact us at 1-877-535-0958 x233 or [email protected].

Infographic - Research and Advocacy

Infographic - Research and Advocacy

Through research, awareness building and working with government officials on issues related to hunger and poverty in Canada, Food Banks Canada is advocating to create long-term solutions to prevent hunger.

Infographic - Building Capacity

Infographic - Building Capacity

Refrigeration, storage, transportation and human resources are all key to a food banks ability to deliver food to people in need. Food Banks Canada invests in local food bank capacity, helping to increase their ability to provide food and services to people in need.

Infographic - Living Well

Infographic - Living Well

Promoting self-sufficiency by improving the skills and knowledge of food bank recipients and increasing access to fresh food.

Infographic - National Food Sharing System

Infographic - National Food Sharing System

Food Banks Canada’s NFSS works with national food producers and retailers to provide food banks across the country with a wide variety of fresh and perishable foods, and supports national food drives.

Infographic - Raising Funds for Food Bank Partners

Infographic - Raising Funds for Food Bank Partners

Working with national donors, and providing national fundraising campaigns helps supports local food banks and provincial associations.

Infographic - Rural and Remote

Infographic - Rural and Remote

Moving food over great distance is costly and challenging. Our focused programs help break down barriers to accessible food for people living in rural and remote communities.

Want to help make a difference?