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Canadians are filling plates!

Canadians are filling plates!
The Every Plate Full National Fund and Food Drive is officially underway with 124 food organizations participating this year.  The goal is to raise 3.4 million meals this May to help close the 26.5 million meal gap that exists each summer.

With an estimated 918,000 Canadians accessing a food bank for support in the summer months it is important to help keep the shelves and fridges as full as possible.

You can help ensure none of your neighbours go hungry this summer.

This May, $1.00 provides 3 meals during the Every Plate Full campaign.

Food organizations are getting creative and making Every Plate Full very personal in their community. 

Filling the meal gap with local food and fundraising drives and encouraging supporters to go online and ask friends and family to support too.

“Our Rotary Club Food Drive raised 12,000 meals this past weekend from food donations and we are still counting the funds raised!”
Ami Catriona, Director Community Relations, Central Okanagan Community Food Bank

Everyplatefull.ca is where individuals and companies can go online, find their local food bank and donate quickly and easily.  You can also register and become a plate-filler this summer and ask your family and friends to follow your lead and share their support as well.

The campaign has already raised more than 55,000 meals so far and the first week of the month long campaign ends tomorrow.  Imagine what we can accomplish together if we start spreading the word to all Canadians.

Learn more, spread the word, donate.


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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)