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Families Struggle…even on Father’s Day

Families Struggle…even on Father’s Day
Families come in all kinds of shapes and forms but regardless of structure, many families across Canada are struggling financially. Job loss, ill health or other issues affecting the family income can weigh particularly heavy on a parent, especially when he or she feels not able to provide the necessities of life, such as food. Thousands of fathers face this every month and need to turn to food banks to fill the gaps.

The role of caring father is important in the lives of their children, it’s essential for them to know that the attention and help they provide is important. They are often our first male role models and an example of how we interact with others. Their role can be one of the most important in a child’s life and cannot be understated.

Food Banks Canada has respects the men who care for and show affection for their children. We would like to take the time to acknowledge the dads who do their best every day, to give their children the best lives possible.

Fathers are not immune to the causes of food bank use in our country. They can be unemployed, underemployed or on some form of social assistance, which doesn’t make the task of feeding children any easier. They may also be employed full time but due to the high cost of housing in many municipalities, have to choose between paying for shelter or buying food.

Regardless of cause, we hope that someday soon, the issue of hunger will no longer affect Canadian families, including fathers. 

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