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Are you smitten? Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

Are you smitten? Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!
Scrambling trying to find that perfect gift for a special person? You’re not the only one. Each year in Canada, more than $1 billion is spent on chocolate and close to $7 billion in wine. While many are out at shopping malls to buy cards, flowers and other presents; there are others in your community who quietly struggle to make ends meet every month.

This year, consider going the extra mile for Valentine’s Day in order to give back during February!

Repurposing date night: Did you know a year of courtship costs over $7,000? Why not give up one date night and pay it forward to others in your community! Take the average cost of your restaurant dinner and donate it towards a worthy cause instead. Or gather a group of friends, pick a date to volunteer, and help your local non-profit organization. Food banks are always looking for volunteers to sort items.  

Giventine’s: Want to help but are stretched for time? Consider a small, but meaningful, gesture to support a food bank. Next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up an extra pasta sauce, can of tuna or peanut butter to contribute to your food bank. Learn what the other most-needed food bank items are here and give from the heart during heart month!  

Shop for a cause: Many companies partner with a charity to donate a portion of its revenues. For example, with every purchase of Love Crunch, Nature’s Path will donate an equivalent of organic food or funds to food banks across North America. Up to $1 million a year! 

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, instead of only concentrating on a significant other, spread the love to others in need in your community this year! 

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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)