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Food or Funds? How to help food banks during the holidays

Food or Funds?  How to help food banks during the holidays
More than food drives

Food donations during a food drive is just a portion of the food acquired by busy food banks. In fact a lot of what food banks do is access surplus food from all types of sources including retailers, manufacturers and growers. Millions of pounds of safe quality food are being donated at a large scale – and being diverted from going to waste - and many food banks direct resources towards sourcing these donations. This means that hundreds of food banks have well run operations to manage these food donation opportunities. This means that food drives are of great value.  

Food drives provide a number of important opportunities: they help to raise awareness of the critical issue of hunger in communities; they build relationships with local community organizations and businesses and they are still an important source of valuable!

Stretching every dollar

It’s true that food banks are able to stretch financial contributions and often work with local retailers to purchase food at discounted rates. Often these food purchases help to fill in the gap of food donations. However financial gifts are essential because they help to keep the lights on, gas in trucks and trucks on the road. Funds are crucial, for more than only food, and help food banks keep their doors open!

How to support

It’s an important message to raise awareness of the need for donating money to food banks. However, food is a critical need and we would encourage Canadians to consider both. You can make financial donation to help keep trucks on the road to pick up surplus good food from growers and manufacturers and you can still donate food and household items needed by food banks. And if you can only afford to donate an essential canned good, every little bit helps.

Ask your local food bank what they prefer; ultimately, they know what they need most!

Thank you for supporting food banks in your community. Happy Holidays! 

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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)