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Celebrating movers and sharers

Celebrating movers and sharers
Financial contributions to Food Banks Canada are critical, but donations of resources such as transportation, skills, or services — known as “gifts-in-kind” — play an equally important role in helping us carry out our work. 

Canadian Pacific (CP) is one of several companies that provide us with critical in-kind support, and their history as a Food Banks Canada partner is a long and collaborative one.

Holiday Train rolls in
You might already know CP as a supporter of Canadian food banks through their wonderful Holiday Train campaign. Each year the festively decorated Canadian train lights up communities across the country. At each stop the train delivers live music, setting the stage for seasonal festivities hosted by the town or city. CP presents a cheque to the local food bank, and participants are encouraged to donate heart-healthy food items.

Since 1999, the Holiday Train has raised more than $12 million and 3.9 million pounds of food across North America.

What you may not know is that CP is also an active partner of Food Banks Canada all year round, providing a significant in-kind donation of a service that is pivotal to our work: transportation.

On track for giving
Thanks to CP, we are able to move hundreds of thousands of pounds of food each year along CP rail routes. This is an enormous help in transporting the massive amounts of food that are collected and shared across every part of Canada through our National Food Sharing Service.

“Since transportation is our business, our commitment to helping Food Banks Canada move food is a natural partnership. It’s an organic way for us to combine our philanthropic goals with our business activities,” says Heather Woods, Community Investment Coordinator, CP.

CP’s support of Food Banks Canada began in 1997, with the donation of a single container that moved about 15,000 pounds of food. The company’s commitment increased steadily over the years, and since 2011 they’ve provided us with transportation worth $250,000 each year. In the last five years alone, CP’s contribution has enabled us to transport more than 16 million pounds of safe, quality food and essential household goods to food organizations across Canada.

“The process is simple and flexible. Food Banks Canada can access the transportation resources needed, when they are needed, simply by logging into a system and reserving space on the route where they need to move the food,” explains Heather.

Other in-kind givers
By providing essential services, expertise, and resources, companies like CP help us to allocate more funds towards our core mission of helping to ensure that no Canadian goes hungry. Other support from in-kind donors includes:

  • Purolator donates courier services worth tens of thousands of dollars. This helps us and our network to communicate with local food organizations and supporters across Canada and share important resources.
  • Thomson Terminals donates warehouse space and reduced rates for trucking. This helps us store, sort, and move donated food and consumer goods through our National Food Sharing System.
  • The Pixel Shop and Dog & Pony Studios donate digital design services worth tens of thousands of dollars. This expertise enables us to communicate to the public and our corporate sponsors through our website and social media. 
We are grateful to each and every partner, whether a large corporation, a small company, or an individual, and look forward to welcoming more in-kind donors in the year ahead. 

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