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Food Banks Canada's National Retail Food Program

Food Banks Canada's National Retail Food Program
Our Retail Food Program is an innovative way to deliver more food to those who need it thanks to the participation of the grocery retail sector. Learn more.
Delivering a program
The Retail Food Program is a food donation pick-up program initiated nationally in 2012. In partnership with two major national retailers, Loblaw Companies Limited and Walmart Canada, the aim of the program is to simplify access to safe, quality food that is surplus at retailers in communities across the country. This program ensures that essential food can reach food banks more quickly and can include fresh and frozen food, non-perishable food and household and personal products.
How it works
Each participating retail location is matched with a local food bank. Surplus and unsold food and consumer products at the store are collected for regular, ongoing pick-up by the partner food bank. As food transfers take place locally, without passing through a central warehouse or distribution centre, food banks receive products much faster.
In addition to getting food to those in need, the program helps retailers reduce shipping costs, landfill waste, and their carbon footprint — reductions that, ultimately, benefit all of us.
The impact
Due to the generosity of our retail partners, Loblaw Companies Limited and Walmart Canada, this program has delivered more than 13 million pounds of products to over 200 local food banks across Canada since its inception!
Thank you to these retailers who have made a commitment to address hunger on a
national scale by working with community food banks across the country.


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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)