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Welcome to the 2021 Food Banks Canada Election Page

A Chance to Build Back Better

The 2021 federal election is a unique opportunity for the food banking network to influence the political discourse, and to call for real and positive change that will reduce the need for food banks over the long term.

Perhaps more than ever before, food banks across the country have been thrown into the public eye as pillars in their communities. Not only are food banks there to support people in the hardest times, but they are also a pulse on the health of the country and can play an important role in shaping it in the future.

What we can achieve during the 2021 Federal Election

The food bank network includes thousands of people and organizations in communities across the country. If we work together during the upcoming election, we can:
  1. Inform election candidates and the public about food bank use in Canada, and in your community;
  2. Develop new relationships with candidates running for office in your community;
  3. Bring increased attention to the root causes of food bank use -- which are poverty and low incomes, and;
  4. Encourage all political parties and candidates to develop and enact real policy proposals to reduce the need for food banks in the future.
Our Election Toolkit will help food banks navigate the roles they can play in the election as advocates for change. Outlining political context, strategies for advocacy, and tools for success, this document is a one-stop how-to guide on building back a better Canada where no one goes hungry.
Elections can be difficult to navigate. Canada is lucky enough to hold debates that can sometime have more than 5 candidates and parties competing for 1 seat in parliament. To better understand the policy that each party proposes, we have composed a platform monitor to organize who has promised what.