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Close to 900,000 Canadians each month are assisted by food banks. By understanding the nature of the problem, and the possible solutions, we can all do our part to make a difference.

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On World Food Day, October 16th, Food Banks Canada is asking Canadians to take action in support of local food banks

On World Food Day, October 16th, Food Banks Canada is asking Canadians to take action in support of local food banks


Statistics show that over 850,000 Canadians need help from a food bank each month

TORONTO, October 12, 2012 ─ On World Food Day, October 16, 2012, Food Banks Canada is asking Canadians to take action in support of people who are hungry


World Food Day occurs annually on October 16 to mark the date of the founding of the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. Organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals are marking World Food Day across the globe.  The goal of the day is to strengthen awareness around the issue of food security and the struggle against hunger and poverty globally. Sadly, even Canada is not immune to this problem.    


Canadians can make an impact by donating food or funds to Food Banks Canada or a local food bank to curb hunger right here at home. On October 16th Canadians can show their support by joining Food Banks Canada for a live Tweet-In to learn more about hunger in Canada and win prizes courtesy of Wal-Mart Canada. Simply logon to Twitter at: 12 pm or 6 pm or 8 pm EST

Follow @foodbankscanada and Respond to the tweeted trivia questions followed by the hash tag #hunger

“It is unacceptable in a country as wealthy as Canada that anyone should go without food” says Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director of Food Banks Canada. “We know that hunger is a global challenge. Food is not something we typically think of as being scarce in this country, but close to

2 million Canadians worry about how they will get their next meal*.”


Food Banks Canada’s HungerCount 2011 reports that over 850,000 individuals turn to food banks for assistance each month. World Food Day is a great reminder for Canadians to consider how they can help their friends, neighbours and colleagues who are in need in their communities.

For more information about food bank usage across Canada, tune in on October 30th, when Food Banks Canada will be releasing its HungerCount 2012 report in Ottawa.

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Marzena Gersho, Food Banks Canada,

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