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Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization representing and supporting the food bank community across Canada. Learn more about us — how we’re organized, our membership, and our programs.

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Close to 900,000 Canadians each month are assisted by food banks. By understanding the nature of the problem, and the possible solutions, we can all do our part to make a difference.

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Together, we can make a difference to help reduce hunger and improve the lives of the nearly 900,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month. Learn how you or your company can contribute.


The latest news about Food Banks Canada, our partners, and our programs, as well as helpful resources for our communications partners and members of the media.

Hunger Fact

of food distributed in Canada is perishable (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)

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Partner campaigns

Many of our corporate sponsors also operate special campaigns at various times of the year in support of Food Banks Canada. We are grateful for these contributions and the awareness that they bring to the need to assist Canadians living in poverty, and to the work that Food Banks Canada does.

Breakfast Cereals Canada

Breakfast Cereals Canada

We are excited to enter a new partnership with Breakfast Cereal Canada! They will be launching their “What’s in the Bowl?” campaign starting August 22nd. Throughout the campaign, BCC will feed you interesting facts about cereal and will answer any original questions you may have. For every post that you share, Breakfast Cereal Canada will donate the equivalent of one bowl of cereal to Food Banks Canada. Help us reach our goal of donating more than 71,000 bowls of cereal to help families in need. It’s easy! 1 Share = 1 Bowl!

Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg Farmers of Canada

Egg Farmers of Canada will host a 1950’s inspired outdoor diner on Sparks Street in Ottawa with Canadian farmers on-hand providing egg sandwiches and raising awareness of the Canadian egg industry with long-time partner, Food Banks Canada.Celebrity chef, Marc Doiron from Town restaurant, will be cooking sandwiches made from fresh, local, high quality eggs. Ottawans are welcome to drop by any time between 7:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. EDT, June 5th 2014. All visitors to the outdoor diner will be encouraged to make a donation Food Banks Canada when receiving their free sandwich and Egg Farmers of Canada will match what is raised and present Food Banks Canada representatives with a cheque.
For more information: eggfarmers.ca/ottawadiner

Quaker’s Get  Chewy for Charity

Quaker’s Get Chewy for Charity

With back to school season just around the corner, Quaker has launched their Chewy for Charity campaign to support Food Banks Canada in helping the 300,000 Canadian children turning to food banks each month. We are working together to offer assistance to families who are stretching their dollars to get their kids ready to head back to school Quaker is asking parents to bring out their inner Picasso and help their kids design Canadian-inspired lunch bags. You can upload photos of scans to be put on virtual lunch bags. With every design submitted, Quaker will donate an equivalent of 10 pounds of food to Food Banks Canada for families in need. ChewyForCharity.ca

Campbell’s Help Hunger Disappear

Campbell’s Help Hunger Disappear

In 2008, Campbell’s launched their hunger awareness and food drive campaign: Help Hunger Disappear®. Since then, it has helped raise funds in support of Food Banks Canada and encouraged Canadians to get involved and make donations to their local food banks.

Loblaw Extra Helping Food Drive

We’re so pleased to partner with Loblaw again for the 2014 Spring Extra Helping Campaign, taking place across Canada from April 4 – 24. 2014. You can help support a local food bank this spring while doing your grocery shopping at a Loblaw banner store by making a donation of food or funds. You can also print or download this handbill to your smart phone and have the cashier scan it to make a cash donation. Thank you to Loblaw and all of your customers for your continued support!

In 2009, Loblaw launched one of the largest ever national retail food drives in Canada. This semi-annual Extra Helping Food Drive raises food and funds for national, provincial, and local food bank programs. To date, the program has raised over $7.5 million and 7.8 million pounds of food for food.



This year Food Banks Canada is proud to partner with Dizolve Laundry Detergent to help provide Dizolve laundry detergent to our network of food banks across Canada. For every box of Dizolve purchased, one is donated to Food Banks Canada to be shared through the National Food Sharing System.

Huggies Every Little Bottom Program

Huggies Every Little Bottom Program

One in five Canadian Moms struggle to provide their children with an essential need – clean, dry disposable diapers. Huggies® Every Little Bottom is proud to partner with Food Banks Canada to address the critical issue of diaper need. In 2012 Every Little Bottom donated 2.5 million diapers in Canada and plans to reach this goal once again in 2013. To learn more and get involved, visit EveryLittleBottom.com