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Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization representing and supporting the food bank community across Canada. Learn more about us — how we’re organized, our membership, and our programs.

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Close to 900,000 Canadians each month are assisted by food banks. By understanding the nature of the problem, and the possible solutions, we can all do our part to make a difference.

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Together, we can make a difference to help reduce hunger and improve the lives of the nearly 900,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month. Learn how you or your company can contribute.


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Hunger Fact

of HungerCount respondents offer broad social service programs, such as child care, programs for expecting new moms, and emergency shelter.

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Capacity Building Fund

Through the Capacity Building Fund, Food Banks Canada provides grants to support structural improvement to a facility or equipment acquisition that will enable a Member or Affiliate Member food bank to:

  • Increase distribution of food and consumer products to existing food bank clients
  • Expand distribution of food and consumer products to more clients through new or existing food bank initiatives, programs or partnerships
  • Improve food quality and diversity distributed to those in need (e.g. increased fresh, frozen)
  • Acquire and distribute food and consumer products more efficiently (i.e. at a lower cost)

In its first year, the Capacity Building Fund distributed $100,000 to 10 food banks across Canada, enabling them to invest in essential capital building projects that increased their efficiently in order to better serve clients.

Thanks to generous support from founding sponsor Kraft Canada, the fund is in its second year and aims to support more food banks with their capacity needs.

For more information about this and other Food Banks Canada funds contact grants@foodbankscanada.ca

Founding Sponsor

Kraft Foods