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Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization representing and supporting the food bank community across Canada. Learn more about us — how we’re organized, our membership, and our programs.

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Close to 900,000 Canadians each month are assisted by food banks. By understanding the nature of the problem, and the possible solutions, we can all do our part to make a difference.


The latest news about Food Banks Canada, our partners, and our programs, as well as helpful resources for our communications partners and members of the media.

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The Ethical Foodbanking Code


Food Banks Canada, its Members (provincial associations), Affiliate Member food banks, and associated agencies believe that everyone in Canada has the right to physical and economic access, at all times, to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences.

The Ethical Foodbanking Code

Food Banks Canada, its Members (provincial associations), Affiliate Member food banks, and associated agencies will:

  1. Provide food and other assistance to those needing help regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, income source, age, or mental or physical ability.
  2. Treat all those who access services with the utmost dignity and respect.
  3. Implement best practices in the proper and safe storage and handling of food.
  4. Respect the privacy of those served, and will maintain the confidentiality of personal information.
  5. Not require payment of any kind for donated food or consumer products, at any time, from those assisted by their respective programs.
  6. Acquire and share food in a spirit of cooperation with other food banks and food programs.
  7. Strive to make the public aware of the existence of hunger, and of the factors that contribute to it.
  8. Recognize that food banks are not a viable long-term response to hunger, and devote part of their activities to reducing the need for food assistance.
  9. Represent accurately, honestly, and completely their respective mission and activities to the larger community.